Voices of the the women who have attended our conferences, workshops & events.


"Mind blowing. I was glued to my seat. Just wow!"

Tola Makinde

Moyinoluwa Rainbow Foundation for Down Syndrome, Nigeria

"Thank you forever. Aspire Trailblazers was an uplifting, life altering experience. I'm motivated.♡♡♡ I am still in awe for you giving us the opportunity to participate in such an inspiring event. I came away from that wonderful group with a renewed focus. I made some new friends too that will forever be a part of my life."



"Food for my brain and food for my soul. And I can't thank you enough for the inspiration and the power of believing in what we can do. Fantastic! Sign up before Aspire's even launched the dates. Get in touch on LinkedIn, it's absolutely guaranteed you will get what you're looking for."

Nikki Crossland

Head of HR WMA Region, Bombardier Transportation, UK

"The speakers, energy, and connections are amazing. I loved how spirituality was intermingled/balanced with business and productivity."

Jill Langhus-Griffin

Liluye, Spain

"My UCSD colleagues said they were mesmerized by your leadership and they were wowed through the entire program. I can’t wait to meet you soon and also can’t thank you enough. Bless you for being the source of inspiration."



"A life changing experience. Joining women leaders from across the world and from various disciplines enabled me to visualise my future and strengthened my trust within myself. Lifting each other up!"

Anxhela Bruci

Anxhela Bruci, Albania

"Rock your Make A Difference Leadership! Show up to anything Dr Sam Collins has with Aspire! LOVED IT!"

Kat Haber

President Haber Vision, USA

"Absolutely do it. Come on the event and be committed to making sure that you do take action and keep connected with the women that you meet on this event because that's really where the power lies."

Laila Khan

Head of Audit - Retail Customer Products, Lloyds Banking Group, UK

"Honestly, this event has been transformational for me. It is absolutely wonderful to be in a room where I feel welcome. where I feel inspired and invested in. And it has given me such a light inside me, and I honestly believe that from you, and all the other women in this room, that light is going to grow, and I am going to shine and all the women around me are going to shine, and we're going to build this network that people are actually going to be blinded by. I actually believe that."

Phoebe Rison

Program Manager, Middle East Resilient Livelihoods, Christian Aid

"I've found a really good buddy and we are going to work together. But the conference itself has given me inspiration, personally, and also on a voluntary community level. I'm running a project on my own at the moment but it's given me the courage to go and ask for help and also get others to join in to the actual project. What the conference has done is given me that extra boost to go and do it.... Don't just leave it off. Do it tonight do it tomorrow. Which I've actually already done."

Susi Maxwell Stewart

Director, Brighton and Hove Community Radio, UK

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