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‘Inspirational Leadership Toolkit Workshop’ with Dr. Sam Collins

July 6 PST

To inspire is defined as “to breathe life into something, to be mentally stimulated to do or feel something creative…”

But the idea that inspiration is all about crossing great oceans, conquering mountains (not to mention the whole busy all the time 24/7 thing) is not only long overdue for an update, it’s a recipe for burnout. 

Vitality, exuberance, vibrance, sparkle, happiness, and verve — terms rarely found in training courses and leadership textbooks. 

Inspirational Leadership is being redefined in terms of energy psychology, stress resilience and growth.

The ability to inspire and motivate others demands you be able to access vast reserves of inspiration within yourself. And faced with today’s world, this ability is more crucial than ever. 

This workshop explores:
  • Evidence-based tools for being a vibrant and happy leader, even in the presence of stress and immense challenge. 
  • Building your own ecosystem of inspiration—including new ways to foster courage, accountability, and well-being, through caring for the brain, body, and spirit.
  • Moving away from a traditional training emphasis on fixing weaknesses and adapting yourself, that can actually become vulnerabilities and lead to lack of confidence and impact.
  • Finding your authentic signature. Knowing the process that causes you to feel recharged and re-energized allows you to do that for others because you understand what their authentic signature is. 
  • Flourishing, building stress resilience and beating burnout through the science of mindfulness, visualization and energy psychology.
  • Moving from a job or career mindset to a purpose mindset that boosts performance, drives higher engagement and stronger capacity for innovation.
  • Building team and organizational cultures of accountability, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

At this event you’ll discover all the tools you need to find fresh inspiration or get it back if you’ve lost it. You will also add the newest scientific and evidence based tools to help others to renew and recover their motivation. At the same time, you will have an opportunity to relax, recharge, and be inspired by some really good people. Many of whom are doing amazing things.

  • Learn the Aspire Model of Inspirational Leadership with new approaches, research and best practice gathered from Aspire's work over the past 21 years.
  • Know what inspires you and find ways to motivate yourself to be inspired rather than succumb to external negative influences, people and challenging times. It’s hard to inspire others if you do not feel inspired yourself!
  • Increase your courage, stand up for what you believe in an inspiring way so that others find the courage to overcome obstacles too.
  • Understand your own authentic Inspirational Leadership style and how best to strengthen and leverage it. Learn how to flex your approach to appeal to others to effectively inspire them to action.
  • Get others to do what they says they are going to do - empower and delegate in an inspiring way, especially through difficult times or challenging circumstances.
  • Learn techniques to manage upwards and know the differences when it comes to inspiring your boss or senior people and/or your team into action.
  • Build a strong network of like-minded peers that will enable the sharing of ideas, resources and accountability to make sure you stay on track and achieve results.
  • Get out of the office for a day to focus on yourself, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Helps to keep you on your toes and out of your inbox!
Who is the event for?

From graduates to managers to executives, we welcome women and men from all industries, sectors and backgrounds. This creates an environment of new ideas and thought leadership.

£795 plus VAT

£595 for charities, not for profits and self funding individuals.

This event will be in-person in London, UK with UK timing of 9am - 5pm.



Etc Venues, County Hall, London
Belvedere Road
London, SE1 7PB United Kingdom
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Dr. Sam Collins, CEO and Founder Aspire

Sam is a leading global voice on women’s leadership and change for workplaces, organizational culture and community impact. Sam has been named one of the ‘Top 200 Women to Impact Business & Industry’ by Her Majesty, The Queen, one of the ‘Top 10 Coaches’ by The Independent and ‘Leader in the Workplace’ in the Ogûnte Women’s Social Leadership Awards. She has contributed to The Financial Times, The Guardian, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, the BBC World Service and Psychologies Magazine. She is also the author of the Amazon bestselling book, ‘Radio Heaven – One Woman’s Journey to Grace’ and soon to be launched ‘Rebellious – Women Who Broke the Rules and Changed Their World’.

"I can't honestly remember the last time I learnt so much about myself and was inspired to such an extent, not only by you and your team, but also by and through the amazing individuals I met on the day. I found it incredible that we could have got that much insight in such a short space of time.."



“Wow! What a day. You’ve converted me from a strident sceptic of all courses to an avid fan of yours. Amazing."



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