Aspire gives women the freedom and support to change themselves and the world. Founded in 2001, we were the first company in the UK to specialise in coaching and leadership development for women.

We’re led by Dr Sam Collins  an award winning, globally recognized women’s leadership expert, author, speaker and coach, and supported by teams on the ground in LA and London.

Our trailblazing events spark action, our community sustains it. Having worked with thousands of women around the world we know that change can be difficult. But change is possible, and daring to imagine a different future is where it starts.

Aspire will always trailblaze for women but as our community grows we’re also working for equality for everyone, everywhere.

And as we grow we’re working with more and more men who are demanding change for women and who aspire for a more tolerant, equitable world.

If you aspire for better, join our network of thousands of change makers across the globe.

"It was a pure inspiration. I have the empowerment to change static views and engage further in equality. Aspire crosses borders, it crosses sectors, it unites a flame inside you to stand up, raise the roof, to make a change with a massive support crew in tow."

Helena Clarke

Ambassador, ONE Campaign, UK

"Meeting women from all over the world was mind blowing and humbling. The atmosphere was celebratory, enlightening, encouraging and thought provoking at the same time. I loved the camaraderie"

Kelechie Zeigwe

St Abigails Schools Isolo Lagos & St Abigails Women Initiatives, Nigeria

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